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30 April 2015 – deadline for applying for the academic year 2015/2016

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Are you intersted in applying for the IBB program?

You should simply:

1) register your e-application here:

2) pay for the application fee (50 EUR/1350 CZK) - you will get instructions/details for payment after you register your e-application

3) send all required documents (IBB Application Form, essay, motivation letter, CV, digital photo, copy of passport) electronically to the following e-mail address:

Please note that topics for the essay are available in the IBB Application Form. You can already start writing.

All the steps mentioned above must be done by 30 April 2015!

12 May 2015 - Skype or phone interview in English with the applicants, who pass the written part of the exam (essay and motivation letter).

Any other questions? Please do not hesitate to contact the IBB program´s coordinator at the following e-mail address: