Facilities and Services

Accommodation and Meal

The JAROV university dormitory is available for students. It is situated in the Žižkov district of Prague 3, which is approximately 20 minutes from the University. Single or double-bedded rooms are equipped with Internet access. International students are most commonly accommodated at Jarov I. and Jarov II. (names of blocks).

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Students can eat at the canteens on the University campus and at the Jarov dormitory for very affordable prices. Within the University, there are also other meal opportunities (cafeterias, Academic Club). All options are listed here.

Single room:

Double room:

Libraries and Information Technologies

The University’s library is open for students, subject to a simple registration procedure. The library contains more than 480 thousand books, electronic information resources and many international journals. The IBB program has also its own library to offer the key study books. Students can visit and use other public libraries in Prague.

Computers with English menus are available for international students in the International Study Center; this includes access to printers and copiers. There is a free access to Wi-Fi on the University campus if using your own laptop. A Study Center is available in the dormitory, too.