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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How can I apply for the IBB program?

You need to follow the instructions at the IBB website:

How can I pay for the application fee?

When you register your e-application, you will receive an e-mail with the instructions how to pay for the tuition fee (50 EUR).

Do I need to come to Prague for the entrance exam?

No, the entrance exam is long-distance. It consists of an essay on a given economic topic (min. 1200 words), a motivation letter (both to be written in English) and an interview in English (skype or phone). You can send the required documents electronically.

Where can I find the topics for essay?

The topics for essay are already listed in the IBB Application Form. You will choose one of them.

When the decision on (non)admission is made?

The decision on (non)admission is made at the end of May/beginning of June.

When and how can I get the documents for visa?

If you are admitted, we will send you the documents for visa in June.

What is the cost of study?

The tuition fee is 3600 EUR per year. It does not include your living costs.

When do I need to pay for the tuition fee?

You need to pay before the first semester starts, which is in mid-September.

Can I apply for accommodation at dormitories? How? What is the cost?

Yes, you can apply for accommodation at the University´s dormitory. You tick the requirement in the IBB Application Form. The cost is from 115 CZK (cca 4 EUR) per night. The info on on-line application is sent to all admitted students.

I will get my secondary school leaving certificate only in May/June or even later. What shall I do?

No problem. Your secondary school leaving certificate/diploma can be submitted later once you get it. It should be submitted before the first semester starts (mid-September).

What is the nostrification procedure? When and how shall I start it?

The information on nostrification procedure is available at the IBB website: The Faculty can provide assistance to its future students. We recommend to wait till the decision on (non)admission is made and then to start the procedure.

What will I need for living in the dormitory?

The basic equipment (including blankets and sheets) is provided by the dormitory. However, there are no dishes available in the kitchenette. We recommend to buy any missing equipment when you arrive in Prague as the prices are quite cheap.