Admission process

The IBB admission process starts in December 2019 and ends on 30th April 2020 at 10:00 CEST. Successful applicants then start their IBB studies in September 2020, therefore the IBB program has only a winter intake of new students.

How to apply

  1. Read carefully the information on the admission procedure below.

  2. Register your e-application through our Information System (InSIS), save your username and the password carefully and follow the instructions you will receive electronically concerning the application fee. 

  3. Prepare the required admission documents (see the details below).

After registering an e-application via InSIS, within a few days, you will be contacted via email by the IBB administrative coordinator, who would provide you with details on the procedure and the required documents.

Application fee

The application fee is EUR 50, which corresponds to CZK 1,300, and is to be credited to the University by the date of the application deadline. Please, follow the instructions which you will receive by e-mail, once you register your e-application.

Required admission documents by 30th April, 10:00 CEST


Documents proving previous education

Entrance Exam

Applicants complete the entrance exam in a long-distance formKnowledge of English is a prerequisite and must be proven within the entrance exam. No English language test or language proficiency certificate is required.

Parts of our entrance exam

  1. Essay on a given economic topic in English (min. 1200 words, evaluated by a max. of 150 points, topics available in the Appendix to the Application Form)

  2. Cover letter in English (max. 50 points)

  3. Skype or phone interview in English (conducted with the applicants, who pass the written part of the exam; max. 50 points)

A minimum achievement of 50 % on all parts (essay, cover letter, interview) is required.

Visa and health insurance

Visa and health insurance issues are extremely important. Please, study this part before you apply.

  • Visa and health insurance