Program Details

The Bachelor of International Business (IBB) program is a three-year program, aiming to provide students with appropriate professional qualifications in international business and related economic, social and political areas, and to prepare them for lifelong learning. The Academic Guarantor of the IBB program is doc. Ing. Josef Taušer, Ph.D.

Students will acquire knowledge as well as develop competencies in the areas of international business, economics, entrepreneurship, logistics and supply chain management, world economics, statistics, mathematics, and intercultural skills, within the context of a changing global environment.

The core values of the program are:

  • the respect for the ethical dimension of international entrepreneurship,
  • preparedness to work in a multicultural environment in different languages,
  • and the ability to swiftly adapt to the changing environment of the world economy.

The program is suitable for talented students who wish to apply themselves in the multicultural environment of international business, are interested in its aspects in the broad context of international economic, social, legal, and political relations, and wish to develop their extended knowledge of foreign languages further.

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Our International Business program is structured to maximize learning and growth, with an academic year divided into semesters that blend rigorous coursework with practical experiences. This structure is designed to cater to the evolving needs of our students, ensuring a comprehensive educational journey.

Experience a well-organized academic year that harmonizes with your aspirations. Our semester-based structure allows for in-depth exploration of subjects, interspersed with opportunities for hands-on experiences and personal development, setting a solid foundation for your career in International Business.

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