Student Status

IBB students gain the so-called Student Status. Student Status is an unofficial term referring to a person enrolled in and attending a full-time programme at a Czech-accredited university. Such students are entitled to certain benefits, such as discounts on fares, culture, and other reductions provided by state and private institutions. If holding Czech citizenship and meeting the state-given conditions, students can get state-funded health insurance and social and tax benefits.

IBB students therefore obtain a student ID/ISIC card, which allows them to use the facilities and services offered by the university, i.e. library, canteen, computer laboratory, Wi-Fi, etc.

Please, beware that your Student Status is CEASED automatically by:

  • successful completion of the Final State Exam, therefore completing the programme,
  • termination of your studies due to meeting the conditions for continuing (e.g. insufficient number of ECTS for completing your studies),
  • termination of your studies on your request,
  • expulsion from your studies,
  • interruption of your studies.