Defences and State Exams in September 2024

8 Jul

Defences of bachelor’s and master’s theses at the Department of International Business and state exams will take place during August and September on the below stated dates:

State Exams:

IBB: September 3, September 4 and September 11


September 3: dr. Král, dr. Postler, dr. Escobar Rios

September 4:  2 committees: doc. Průša, dr. Zeman, dr. Mokrejšová, dr. San José Iglesias, doc. Sato, dr. Černá, dr. Procházka a dr. Matysová

September 6: dr. Křenková, dr. Lhotáková, dr. Bahles, dr. Matínez Pantoja

September 9: 2 committees: doc. Taušer, doc. Kubálek, dr. Čajka, dr. Halík, dr. de Batz, doc. Křečková, dr. Sadílek, dr. Filipová, dr. Volfová

Registration will be available via InSIS from September 1st, 2024 – an extra-semester course, which will take place in the winter semester of the academic year 2024/25.

At the Department of International Business, a student’s performance during the defence is expected to be accompanied by a presentation of the student´s thesis in PowerPoint. The presentation should take approximately 5 minutes and follow the required structure:

– the goal and purpose of your thesis;

– structure;

– methodology (including (according to what you used) research questions and hypotheses);

– main findings;

– main sources.

The student’s presentation is followed by a discussion based on the assessments by the academic consultant (supervisor) and the opponent (further relevant questions can be raised by any member of the commission). As a final part of the presentation, the student can also prepare slides with answers to questions from the assessments.

In order to smoothly proceed with the defence, please, send your PowerPoint presentation to the department secretary ( the latest two days before your defence.

We look forward to your presentation and subsequent discussion.

Defences and State Exams in September 2024