Graduation ceremony of FIR graduates /24.11./

On Friday, 24 November 2023, the graduation ceremony for the graduates of the IBB Bachelor’s degree programme will take place in the Vencovsky Auditorium.

Graduates will arrive 40 minutes prior to the start of the graduation ceremony in the lobby of Vencovsky Auditorium (1st floor NB).

Graduates and guests are asked to arrive in formal attire.

For the smooth running of the academic ceremony, we would like to request that children under the age of three do not attend the graduation; we thank you for your understanding.

By attending the VCE graduation ceremony, you consent to the taking of photographs and audio-visual footage of you during and after the graduation ceremony on the VCE campus on the day.

The photographs and audio-visual footage will be published for publicity and distribution on the school website.

We look forward to seeing you on this festive occasion.


List of IBB graduates for Graduation ceremony starting at 13:30:

Name Surname Program
Eleonora Mara Adamović IBB
Hamza AlQudah IBB
Adelya Bilgin IBB
Mahmoud El Baba IBB
Leyli Mursalova IBB
Štěpán Pospíšil IBB
Vlada Shchotova IBB