Open Days of all VŠE Faculties /17.12./

Do you want to improve your knowledge in the international environment? Do you have questions regarding the admission procedure, process of the course of studies or student life at FIR? Then you shall not miss out on the University Open Door VŠE!

The FIR representatives are professors and current students who will be at your disposal all day long in the Atrium of the Rajská Building, where you can ask any question. Applicants will be able to take a picture in the FIR Photo Corner throughout the day! The Open Day will also include the opportunity to get to know the Žižkov with student guides.

  1. YOU CAN ALREADY APPLY! Do you like FIR? Then it is the right time to apply.

  2. WHO SHOULD YOU FOLLOW? Give a Like to our Facebook page: Faculty of International Relations at VŠE /FIR/ and do not forget to follow the Instagram account @fmvvse, where you will have a possibility to meet students who are currently abroad. Your questions can be directed to all our communication channels or email:

  3. WHAT TO LOOK FORWARD TO? Potential applicants can take pictures in the Faculty photo corner with current students and other FIR representatives throughout the Open Day at VŠE. Guided tours of the school will take place and candidates may take practice entrance exams.

  4. FOCUS ON STUDENTS! You will find what you enjoy in FIR. You can become a part of associations or participate in their wide range of activities during your studies in our faculty. You will find more information about the clubs and also in the FIR lecture or a stand placed in Atrium of RB. There are also going to be representatives of the student PR team who organize, for example, Student Mentoring or Shading.

  5. INTERNATIONALIZATION! The variety of partner Universities and internships abroad is much wider thanks to the students’ excellent knowledge of at least 2 foreign languages. Students with at least one international experience will also be there at your disposal throughout the Open Days. More information about the possibilities of going abroad are going to be presented in the Faculty lecture.

  6. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO INTRODUCE YOU? As part of the Faculty lectures in the Rajská building classrooms, we will introduce you to the individual FIR programs, introduce you to the prestigious EPAS accreditation, learn about the possibilities of studying in English, show you the freshman’s schedule and much more. We will also introduce our graduates.

  7. WHOM DO YOU MEET? Both current students and representatives of the FIR management will be available at the FIR stand in the Atrium of the Rajská Building and lectures in the classrooms throughout the whole day.

  8. WHERE? The main program will take place in the Atrium of the Rajská Building. The FIR lectures will be held in assigned classrooms.




    WHEN? You can take a look at all Faculties on the 17th of December from 9.00 to 14.00. The FIR Open Days will be held on January 18, 2020.



Take a look at the VŠE Open Day from the last year perspective:

Open Days of all VŠE Faculties /17.12./