We Are Looking for New Members for the FIR Student PR Team!

Do you feel like trying a new challenge? Do you want to have an overview of what is happening in the Faculty? Are you enticed by long-term cooperation, are you creative, have great communication and presentation skills? If so, then you should join our team!

Since 2012 the FIR student PR team has played an important role in the marketing and communication strategy of the Faculty of International Relations. The PR team improves the environment of the Faculty and connects students not only with each other but also with employees and management of the Faculty. Which means that now you have the opportunity to improve the operation of the Faculty!

What will you do in the PR team?

Have you heard of Running with FIR from previous years? Did you participate as an applicant for the study of the FIR Open Days? We were in charge of all these events and we will be happy if you help us with the organization of new events! Together, we will take care of a smooth start to the University life of Freshmen through the Postimatriculation session or the Lectures for all Freshmen. Furthermore, we will focus on the exceptional Student Mentoring program! In addition, our scope includes the administration of social networks of our faculty. Would you like to manage Facebook or Instagram?

What does the ideal candidate look like?

  • S/he is a Bachelor or Master degree student at FIR
  • Wants to cooperate with us in the long term and implement their creative ideas
  • Team player, but able to work independently
  • Able to accept criticism without being afraid to express own opinion
  • Great communication skills – flawless written and spoken speech
  • Able to communicate on an almost daily basis with the team, other students, applicants and with the management of the Faculty
  • Unafraid to present themselves in front of others (not only your ideas to the team but also, for example, opportunities in FIR to applicants at the Open Day)
  • S/he must be interested in marketing / PR and wants to develop in this area

What can you expect from the PR team?

You will become part of a student team with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. You will first-hand experience that working in marketing and PR is not stereotypical. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to try organizing events from the beginning to the end and implement your ideas. You will help us create new projects and improve existing ones. In addition, You will have the opportunity to get to a variety of interesting activities and a chance of meeting a number of interesting people. You will also gain a number of valuable experiences and soft-skills that you will definitely not lose in the future! You will get the opportunity to participate in the events at the faculty and the opportunity to influence it. Lastly, you will experience what it is like to work at a “home-office” and you will know what flexible working hours are.

How can you apply?

If you are interested in the mentioned activities and you want to become a reinforcement of the student PR team, do not hesitate to sign up. You can send us your CV and cover letter to the  studentiFMV@vse.cz until 30.9. 2020.

In the cover letter, we would like to know why you would like to be a part of our team, what you expect from the work, what you can specifically bring to the Faculty PR team and what you would like to do from our activities. You should also include at least one idea for an activity that would improve the FIR representation or the atmosphere at the Faculty.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you!

We Are Looking for New Members for the FIR Student PR Team!